How To Teach Your Kids to Read Before They Start School

I actually found out coincidentally that anybody can teach a kid to read without an instructive contraption or any formal training or course; when my part-time nanny showed my 16 month old baby the letter ” A ” and disclosed to her what it was. I was surprised to find the following day that she had remembered that it.

I had read in some place many years ago before I had children that being a great reader was a great foundation for general success at school so on the acknowledgment, that my little girl could recognise letters at such a tender age, I made a decision to continue teaching her the alphabet and would in the end teach her to read at 3.5 years old. It could have happened a lot sooner but I made a promise to make it fun and turn it into a game we would play close to 5 mins every day.

You can teach your kid to read too following my Simple 5 step formula below:

1. Begin at 14 months ….Sing the ABC melody and get your kid to try and rehash it….Keep singing until they can sing it back ……..(You must be dedicated to doing this day by day as a fun loving song….perhaps clapping on as you sing if your child prefers this.)

2. When your kid can sing the ABC song….you are ready to proceed onward to letter recognition.

Print off the Alphabet with a Capital Letter and lower case letter and a photo that represents the letter …..or simply purchase alphabet cards if this works better for you.

3. Begin with A-G ….ensure your kid recognises the capital letter and also the lower case letters. Cover the picture and ask what letter is this, to make sure the kid recognises the letter.Then mention the sound which the letter makes and get your kid to repeat it after you. You should spend just 10 mins a day….and can only increase it if your child demand for it…Remember the entire goal is to have fun with it and make it a game…do not rebuke the kid if they get it wrong….don’t berate them in anyway…just repeat to them what the right one ought to be.

4. Repeat the steps above with letters H – P . Q – V, W – Z…….until your youngster can recognise all capital and lower case letters of the alphabet and can make sounds of the letters as well. YOU must make sure that you are using English phonetics and are sounding out the letters correctly.

5. Now that your kid can recognise all of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds… can introduce your kid to reading by purchasing a book from any book shop for amateur readers. This book must be the primary level of the specific reading plan, (you might need to check with the school that your kid will go to, which reading scheme they will use at that school and start with that specific one.)

Start by reading the book to your kid, and afterward encourage your youngster to read the book after you. Your kid may at first use the photos as cues for the words but will in the long run come to remember and phonetically sound out words based on the phonetic letter sounds they had learnt from you already.

Make sure to be understanding and have a lot of fun, invest a little measure of time in this day by day and don’t increase it unless the child request for it…the greater objective besides teaching them to read, is also to make learning fun…

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